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How to take Blogging as a full time Career & Be an Entrepreneur.

If you want to grow to be an entrepreneur but don’t wouldn’t have enough resources for opening your company or Start up, you may start with blogging. Blogging isn’t all about writing; it’s an entire business that involves in-depth working out of a topic (area), digital advertising and marketing, and earnings.


With blogging, you can study the art of content material advertising. There are some corporations that became successful situated on content advertising only. In a similar way, that you could construct your future business situated on your content advertising expertise; I do know persons who’ve taken up blogging as a full-time profession.

Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud,Anil Agarwal from Labnol & many other bloggers who have taken up blogging as a full-time profession.

Lets start some major points you have to focus on to be a full time blogger.

Always get Inspired by others:-

Why can’t most individuals do new things? It could be when you consider that they lack motivation and inspiration. You have to come out of your comfort zone and give new things a try. You will wonder to know that blogging is a riskless trial & the place you don’t lose something if you happen to fail at it. You would decide afterward whether you need to do it full-time or preserve your passion alive by means of running a blog part-time, alongside with your job.

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Get your website:-

It is true that no person can write the whole thing in details on any single topic. You may think that no one will read your blog as there are such a lot of books and blogs & successful bloggers already available in the market. But I must say in this case you are totally wrong. If you’re content material resonates with readers issues, and you might be ready to solve their problem by your blog articles. Then you don’t have to look back.

The major factor is that you just will have to be comfortable with the topic. You should also be keen about studying and sharing on that topic. It would be cooking, parenting, gossip, jokes, criticism, fashion, advertising and marketing, finance, travel, product development or anything you can consider.

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Deciding upon a huge topic just isn’t sufficient. You must recognize who your customer is and what challenge you are going to address together with your weblog. In case you are writing on blogging, then narrow down your target market to bloggers & new bloggers comes in the market.

The extra you narrow down, the simpler your reader will join with you.

Test your writing skills:-

Now you have idea and motivation to start your web publication. You must test it first.

That you could buy a domain name and website hosting and set up WordPress to writing. However it will take few days to learn in regards to the plugins, theme & technical settings. In the time you may lost your motivation about blogging & start your entrepreneurship.

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So,I suggest to decide a topic first & start writing at now, after completing your first article, create your account on free writing structures like Blogger or

Finish your first article and hit the put up button. What you have lost? Nothing.

Testing your blog on free writing platforms has further advantages.

  1. You don’t have to hassle about technical setup
  2. No rate for website hosting or themes
  3. You’ll get seed audience. These systems promote your article to their audience based on the tags and your article popularity. More you write articles & getting popularity, extra they promote you & your articles.
  4. You can also find influencers on these structures who can support promote your article by sharing on their social media.
  5. You are going to get free analytics of your article efficiency.

But after all this there are some drawbacks as good: you don’t own the domain, there may be restrained customization and that you would be able to show advertisements to earn cash. However this will have to no longer subject with the first article. These drawbacks don’t compare to the benefits of commencing up a free blog. Once you have sufficient confidence, which you could move to your hosted web publication.

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Learn Basic Online Marketing Strategies:-

I hope you have already found your passion and check your writing skills. You may also come to a decision to move your blog to your possess domain, but you are going to wrestle with getting average visitors. This is an intent why most bloggers fail. They write incredible content however battle with normal footfall on their weblog.

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To become a successful blogger you ought to gain knowledge of basics of marketing. There are so many blogs on online marketing which instruct you how to get more footfalls in your website & how to run your blog smoothly. I follow Harsh from ShoutMeLoud for any types of Marketing, WordPress related issues.

Learn How to Make Money with blogging:-

The essential trouble that bothers humans is how to earn a living off their website. Is it by way of showing advertisements that may annoy readers? How much traffic is required to make ample money to handle the expenses? Is there every other solution to make money with their website?

At first, your main focus point should building a loyal audience. Once you have a just right quantity of visitors like lakhs per month, you should have to think about blog monetization & earn money from your blog.

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You could work out your own monetization technique once you fully understand the requirements of your audience. Apart from advertisements, you can generate income via affiliate marketing, selling suitable products directly to your readers. By asking your visitors to fill out surveys and experiences, writing sponsored articles and offering consultation (if you once became a domain expert, new bloggers & companies may seek your guidance)

Discuss with your Family Members about your passion:-

Final step is to ditch your current 9 to 5 job and get full-time into blogging. The most important situation is to convince your family. I feel it turns into handy to persuade after getting some earnings to show out of your weblog, even as small as Rs 5000 per 30 days. You can convince them which you can grow 5,000 to 50,000 to even five lakh per month if you put your 100 per cent focal point into blogging.

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Final Words:-

Success not comes in a day. You have got to put your efforts to make matters work. Blogging is emerging as a full-time career option, and, probabilities are, that you can earn extra earnings from the blog than your present income. The excellent news is that starting a blog website is more secure than starting any start-up or a company.

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