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Text Advertising:-A good way to earn Money online with Infolinks.

Today we will discuss about Text Advertising program. The best text advertising program you can use is Infolinks.

There are a lot of ways are available over the inetrnet if you’re you searching for ways to make money from your blog websites. Unfortunately still most of the bloggers are not able to generate much income from their blogging efforts. There are many reasons behind this, but one of the main reason is most bloggers don’t know except Google AdSense how they monetize their blog website.Text Advertising is also a good alternative of Google AdSense.

infolinks is one of the best text advertising program or income sources for bloggers.

Text Advertising

When we think of Google AdSense Alternatives, There are lots of pay per click in text advertising programs available that can help you earn some extra income from your website.

Today we will discuss about InfoLinks: one of leading company in text advertising.

If you’re searching for a better way to make money through your websites, InfoLinks is a great way to begin with. It’s not only a good alternative to AdSense but when used it right, you can make decent income from your websites using InfoLinks.

About Infolinks:-

This company was started in 2007 and since then they have helped thousands of publishers make extra money from their websites. Most of publishers are satisfied with Infolinks in-text advertising ads and are using it as a good alternative to Google AdSense. Lots of publishers are turning to this network as they are finding it hard to get approved in Google AdSense due to their strict Terms & Condition. We can use Infolinks ads on our website in combination with other popular advertising networks like Google AdSense ,Chitika etc.

How InfoLinks Works:-

This ad network uses some keywords from a website to showcase advertiser’s ads. These in-text ads will look like normal links to website readers and thus will result in lots of clicks and money to be made for its publishers. The more clicks you get from your visitors, the more money you will make from InfoLinks.

How to Install InfoLinks Ads:-

infolinks ad integration into a website or blog is so simple. First you need to create a publisher account on InfoLinks and then need to paste the Java Script code in your website’s body section.

Like Google AdSense, you don’t need to manually place java script code on places where you want to show their ads. You need to add their code once into your website and rest will be taken care by their automated system. They will automatically start generating textual ads for certain set of keywords from your website pages. That means, using Infolinks ads is much easier than using any other money making alternative source like AdSense etc..

You don’t need to have a very high traffic website or blog to start working as publisher with Infolinks. You only need a genuine website with decent content and traffic to get approved into their marketplace. You should be able to start seeing Infolinks Ads installed and running on your website within five minutes time only. So it’s very quick and easy.

Infolinks Support System:-

If you have any problem regarding ads integration or any issue you face with this network, you can use their Customer Support Section which will send answers to your questions in just 24 hours time.

How Infolinks Pays:-

Infolinks uses to pay on time to all publishers. Publishers can use PayPal, Bank Wire and Prepaid MasterCard by Payoneer to accept their payments. Minimum pay-out in case of PayPal, Payoneer is $50 and for Bank Wire, minimum pay-out it $400. So it’s better to get a PayPal account if you want to get fast payments to your bank accounts as you only need to make $50 from Infolinks ads if you are attached your Infolinks network with PayPal.

In case you don’t reach your minimum pay-out amount in any month, your earnings for this month will be added into your text month earnings. They are keeping a revenue ratio of 70:30 with its publishers which is highest revenue share given by a reputable advertising company in the industry. Google AdSense team use to pay up to 68% of total revenue to its publishers via their popular PPC advertising program.

How you can track Earnings Report:-

You can keep track of your earnings from your Publisher Dashboard. You can keep track of your earnings for today, this week, this month and year etc. from your account. Apart from this, You can keep track of important stats related to CTR, eCPM and impression counts etc. from your Publisher Dashboard.

Advantages of using Infolinks in blog website:-

Here are some advantages you will enjoy while using InfoLinks ads on your websites and blogs:

  • No extra space required to show InfoLinks ads on our websites. You can show InfoLinks ads as normal links so that your visitors think them as internal links not as advertising links.
  • Their ads can be installed with ease on any website or blog. All you will need is adding a java script code on your website. So you don’t have to be a tech savvy to install InfoLinks ads.
  • You can use their ads on your website along with other popular advertising networks like Google AdSense and Chitika etc.
  • You don’t need to have a high traffic website to join them. Getting a decent amount of targeted traffic from other sites, social media, search engines can greatly help you increase your earnings.
  • Their ads can be customized very easily.
  • Fast approval
  • Without hurting your site loading time, you can use InfoLinks ads
  • Fast payouts (usually you will get paid once you made a minimum of $50 to your PayPal account after 45 days)
  • Easy customization of infolinks

If you really like infolinks the signup here.

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