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10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog in 2017 ( Updated)

Once you decided that now you have to start your blog, then before starting ahead with random advice scattered over internet resource, you should know few things ahead of actually starting.

When I started blogging, I was searching here and there but proper advice was not available. Most of the blogs are full of selling paid themes, plugins and software, etc. to earn revenue, not to help others to start their own blog. So here I have created a simple, things to know before starting a blog.

Why To Blog?

Blogging is fun. You decide, if you want to be a part of fun-filled blogger community across the world? Blogging is not merely sharing content and writing posts blindly. But through blogging, you would be a part of blogging community.

You could spend a quality time out of your busy life. You could share your experience though your blog. Through blogging you could make lots of followers and fans.

Blogging is the platform through which you could express your thoughts, creativity, and experiences to the readers over internet. Blogging will help you gain knowledge in your area of interests. Last but not the least, Blogging can help you earn.

What All Preparations Required Before Starting a Blog? 

Yes, you read correctly. Before starting a blog, you need certain preparations, like choosing the niche, topic, creating nice headline, looks for your blog, researching about the topic before pushing it to the post.

If it is about some tips, tricks or Instructables then giving hands on rather publishing it directly, your own experiments etc. This way you could build more trusted content for your blog.  You could prepare a checklist and keep it handy once you have decided the topic for the post. Ask few questions to yourself:

  • Is my topic worth sharing?
  • After reading my article, people will get any benefit?
  • My article contains enough instructions, information or guidance about the topic?
  • By considering these questions you could create a great content for your blog.

What You Would Blog For?

Hmm.. You have lots of interests, you have traveled too much with your parents or family, you have passion for photography, writing, poetry etc. So this makes you confused, what to start blog with? It is really appreciable that you have so much of talent.

But first question you should ask yourself, what really are you passionate about? Is it the travelling, writing or photography? Second question should be how much do you know about your passion, which is worth sharing with others?

You should blog only for those things which you really passionate about, which you have enough knowledge to share with or you are passionate to learn about it first and then share with the readers.

People like to read such blogs which are interesting and provides knowledge to them. People won’t be much interested in your travel experience with your family or your last sky diving pics. It is advisable to choose a niche before creating a blog. Mixing various topics in a single blog makes it uninteresting.

Where You Would Blog?

Okay. Now you have decided that what would you write for. Means now you have a niche for your upcoming blog. But, where would you start at?

Before starting a blog, you would require an internet space at which you could start writing content. There is certain free platform available at which you could start with initially. Blogger, WordPress are the most popular such platforms. These are just like normal sites which are user content driven and can have your own URL. Here you could create your own profile with registering, and rest it would guide you after log in. As simple as that. Now you have to create your first post and once you are satisfied with the “preview” how it would look over internet to other users, Hit “Publish” and ‘BOOM’…… Your first Blog is on the Internet.

How Would You Blog?

Next big questions come into the mind is ‘How would you blog’? Blogging is nothing but sharing your knowledge with others. Just blog like you are sharing your instructions or guidance to others.

Which may include some observations, tips and tricks, guidance related to your niche? But before you create your post, make a rough content skeleton and go in a more “step by step” ways and easy language. It is not necessary that you share your complex writing skills and technical jargon in your article. Your article should be understandable to the readers.

What Time You Need To Blog? 

It’s all up to you. If you are writing blogging just for fun then, you could write your blog any time when you feel. Creating a blog post takes time, if you want to make it more impactful. Behind a nice blog article or blog post, there are lots of efforts like, for collecting information, appropriate writings and resource collection etc. So the choice is up to you. If you want to make your blog a nice one, then you have to devote a good time.

How to Create a Nice Blog?

As said in the above point, readers like articles which are descriptive, nicely written, have enough material to gain knowledge. So nice blog is what which readers like to read and gain knowledge.

Article should be distinct and must contain unique information not just the information which is available in every next blog. This way you could build your rapport for the readers. Nicely written blogs not necessarily are huge. A small article is enough if it is sufficient to cover main points and is beneficial to the readers. People like “To the point” and descriptive enough, articles.

Blogging Isn’t Easy

I am not joking this time. Blogging is fun but it is not so easy. To become a successful blogger hard work, lots of patience, research work; socializing, financial investment is required. People start blogging because every next guy or girl is doing so. And if you start thinking that blogging is easy, then blogging is not for you. Starting a blog may be easy. But to maintain it, creating valuable post, getting readership, handling the readers feedback, managing the back end tasks for blog are few of the tiresome tasks.

How Frequently Should You Blog?

Go easy. Blogging frequency doesn’t matter much in the beginning. What matter is the content? If you make poor content but blog frequently, no one would consider reading your blog again. You have to make your blog interesting and valuable. Blog regularly to improve your blogging skills improve day by day.

You should follow a discipline to write regularly may it be once in a week or 4 times in a week. Once you find a free time, devote it to your blog. People don’t like that blogs which are not updated frequently. So you should increase your frequency as to pace up your readership. So few times in a month initially would suffice, but don’t make it dead.

Blogging Can Make You Earn

Finally a thing to make you feel awesome about blog. Blogging is awesome, because it can make you earn, apart from many other reasons. There is no limit for a blogger in terms of earning. Pro blogger works full time and earn like anything.

Remember, they devote their full time in blogging; they have spent their valuable years and gained expertise to become a pro-blogger. So what makes you a pro blogger to start earning from a blog? To make earning from blogging needs your valuable time, devotion, quality content, expertise and of course “Readers”. Readers are the king for your blog. So respect the king and create a nice blog with valuable content.

You have to consider that starting a Blog is easy, but to become a successful blogger requires huge efforts. Don’t get confused by the rumors to start blogging blindly. Soon you will learn that Blogging is an art and requires good preparation to be successful in it just like any other art needs.

4 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog in 2017 ( Updated)”

  1. Mehul Boricha says:

    Great Article. I started blogging almost 4 years ago and I got to say the experience was amazing. I am sure that this article will help the new bloggers about some basics.

  2. Gaurav Heera says:

    Hey Pritam,
    Your article would really help me and other bloggers to improve the efficiency of blogging in 2017, great tips to remember for effective blogging.
    Thanks for your informative article.

  3. Swathi says:

    Very nice and informative article. Thanks for sharing this information. Looking for many more articles. Keep posting.

  4. Ashish Patel says:

    i m doing blogging from last 1 year. the guide helped me a lot in basic stuff. Thank you so much.

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