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Top 10 High Paying Affiliate programs To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Earning

If you are an affiliate marketer, you might have heard about affiliate programs that are paying a huge amount of money for a single sale product. Promoting high ticket programs is just like promoting low program without any addition work but the end result will definitely be different.

If you want to double your affiliate earning and make the most money from affiliate marketing, it is time to find those high paying affiliate program to promote.

I know it may be difficult to find those programs, but now they are within your fingerprint. You will discover lists high ticket program in different niches in this article.

Below are the list of high paying affiliate programs to maximize your profit.

The Most Effective High PAYING AFFILIATE PROGRAM on the Web

Are you currently hoping to find a higher paying affiliate system? Well, you are in luck. Only subscribe for the affiliate program to advertise their new, and get commissions for just about any artisan or alternative luxury watches which sell to their internet site as a result of one’s activities.

Bob’s Watches would be the major destination for buying, trading and selling Rolex watches as well as other luxury timepieces on the web. They’ve been in operation since 1999. Services are added each day, and most of the stocks come at stock, therefore they devote to providing free and guaranteed overnight delivery. On-going customer promotions incorporate a $100 Discount for brand new email readers.


You should have use of track all of clicks, impressions, earnings, and commissions which can be credited to an own activity. Total transparency for the method that you’re performing will probably soon is right at your fingertips.

Utilize any one of those pre-existing banner or text links, and sometimes perhaps their product catalog, to aid you to drive awareness to their own brand. When you’ve got any particular requests, then you are able to request their affiliate team directly over the Pepperjam platform.

Click here to apply for BOB’s Watches affiliate program.


There are many affiliate programs to promote in investment niches but precious metals such as Gold and silver affiliate program pay high commission to affiliates.

Introducing regal access affiliate program, one of the highest paying affiliate.

  1. Regal Assets. Regal assists is an Investment Company that base on gold and other precious metal. People who invest in Gold and silver are mostly retirees and investors.

Regal assets affiliate commission depends on the amount the investors invest. They paid 15% commission to an affiliate that is accepted.

The problem with Regal assets affiliate program is that you need to be approved before you can promote their products, but don’t worry, it really takes less than two minutes to apply.

How to get accepted

When you are filling out the form, you will be asked to state your experience and how you want to promote their service.

State your promotion strategies you know such as blogging, SEO, PPC etc.

One major benefit of Regal Assets is that an affiliate can make $30,000 per referrer. Yes, I have seen affiliates doing well with regal assets. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

Click here to apply for Regal assets affiliate program

Internet Marketing.

Of course, there are high affiliate ticket programs you can promote. I’m not talking about $45 products on Clickbank or Jvzoo. I’m talking about a product that can get you at least $750 to $1000 per sales. Though there is still high paying program on Clickbank but you need to apply through vendor before you can be allowed to promote such products.

Ready to start?

  1. .Jvnotifypro

Head to to sign up. Don’t worry it is free. If you have not heard about before, it is a platform where most top affiliates showcase their products and let affiliates sign up and promote their products.

There are many product releases every month and they are all available to promote. After signing up, check their calendar, you will see most of the product’s release and you can start promoting without any stress

You will find people like Anik singa, Mark Ling.

I have promoted a product that paid me around $900 per sale. Remember that you use the same methods to promote low ticket offer.

The time spend to promote low ticket is still the same to promote high ticket, with high ticket affiliate programs, you can easily triple your earning without extra work.

Still on internet marketing niche.

  1. Affilojetpack – Affilojetpack is a product own by Mark Ling.

You get paid 50% of $997.There are many benefits to promoting this product. You can learn more when you sign up as affiliate whether you are newbies or professional.

Click the link below to sign up.

  1. Incredible Dream Machines –It is a unique, A-Z turnkey “scientific” business model that will show your customers how to start from scratch and grow a million dollar business through a crowdfunding campaign.

You will get 50% of $3,497 when you make a sale. If you really affiliate marketer try it.

Click the here to get started.

Ecommerce Affiliate program

Are you into e-commerce? If you visitors are interested in selling physical products, chances they may be interested in selling products on this platform.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is a Place where people can set up their own online physical products store in less than 5 minutes and start selling.

Sign up with Shopify affiliate program at

  1. Big commerce

This is another e-commerce affiliate program that pays the affiliate a commission of $600 per sale.

Click here to sign up for Big E-commerce

Luxury Travel Affiliate Programs

Luxury Travel is very profitable. Their customers pay thousands of dollars to go on holidays of a lifetime so the commission payouts may be huge.

  1. Tour Radar Adventure Tours

Tour radar Paying 50% commission on confirmed bookings of average $2,000 sale makes this a very interesting affiliate program.

Click here to register and start promoting their program.

  1. Hotel Travel Check

Hotel Travel ready to pay the affiliate a commission of $250 per hotel referred. They are well-known when it comes to hotel and travel affiliate program.

Click here to learn more

  1. Africa Point

African safari pays up to 30% commissions for affiliate and has a 1-year cookie. A single sale can net as much as $350 in commissions. Consider Africa point when you are ready to promote Travel affiliate program.

Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are costly and have many uses from being featured in homes to airports. If you are in the niche, it definitely worth promoting.

  1. Elite Massage Chairs

Elite Massage Chairs program pay $200 commission for an affiliate on every sale plus bonuses for hitting definite targets.

Check out the affiliate program

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter if you are newbies in affiliate marketing, if you have little experience, you can get a better result in promoting high ticket than low ticket affiliate program.

Check the listed programs and pick one that related to your niche. One of the best ways to promote this types of program is to write a product review.

Well written Product review get better conversion than putting a banner on your website. Learn how to write a review can really help you to get more sales.

The paid ad can also be a better advantage if you have experience in the Facebook ad and Google AdWord.if you don’t have any experience on PPC, below are the in-depth articles that can help you get started.

The above guides will help you to learn how to advertise on Facebook and Google without wasting any penny.

In case you have any question, kindly let me know from your comment.

Author Bio:

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and affiliate marketing expert. He is the owner of Entrepreneurs Class, a blog with in-depth information on affiliate marketing, Blogging, how to make money online and more.

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