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Top Ways to Overcome the Fear of Maths

Maths involves the study of numbers, theorems, rules, structure and many more which involves calculation, computation and problem-solving. Most of the students find maths to be extremely difficult, which is due to the lack of attention towards the subject. Maths involves the study of number, quantity, theorems, and various real-time application.

Maths requires a continuous practice in order to have a better understanding of various concepts. Due to the subject being cumulative, which generally means topics to be interrelated to each other, maths requires logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Here are a few tips to boost the confidence of students to overcome the fear of maths-

(i) Regular practice- ‘Continuity is the key to success.’ When it comes to maths it goes without saying that nothing can be more beneficial than the daily practice. In order to have a confidence in the subject, it is essential to have a good grasp of conceptual knowledge in mathematics. This helps the students to overcome the nervousness in the examination. Topics like differentiation, integration, differential equation and many more need regular practice, in order to have perfection on those topics.

(ii) Focus more on understanding rather than memorizing- It is crucial for the students to have an understanding of the concepts rather than mugging them up. The subject is so clean and accurate that it always gives up the exact solution, but can have various approaches to solving them. This one shall focus more on the logic of obtaining the result rather than memorizing them.

(iii) Accept your mistakes with open hands- For students, it is important to get aware of their mistakes and know the correct way of obtaining the result. Many times students abhor the subject as they are unaware of the methodology of solving them. Getting to know where they lack and how they can solve various problems, would help them to build confidence in the subject and overcome their fear.

(iv) Organise data- Many times one may come across many topics that have some interrelation with other topics as well. Thus, it is of prime importance for the students to organize the topic and study in a sequential order in order to maintain the flow of study.

(v) Be optimistic- Negative attitude can also bring you down. So it is advised always to be calm and relaxed, with full of confidence to boost up the confidence amongst oneself. This helps students to overcome the fear of maths.

All these strategies can be followed and practiced as much as possible for the students who feel maths to be burdensome. With a lot of practice, one can easily gain confidence in the subject. One can also practice various online quizzes or refer to NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths so as to have a good knowledge of mathematics.

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