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The Truth About Virtual Assistant Jobs & Services in 5 Minutes

We are Entrepreneurs & we have selected entrepreneurship as our life style. As an entrepreneur I have selected online life style. In my online life style I am free from Time, Free from Place & free from routine jobs. But that’s not mean in entrepreneurship we have not doing anything. To be an entrepreneur we need to do lots of work for making our own brand & to earn money from online. Suppose we consider you are an expert in all kind of online & offline jobs but due shortness of time, you cannot do everything in your own. To do some extra work which is necessary for your online job, you need to hire someone who can complete your work within time given time frame in exchange of some bucks. Virtual Assistant.

What is a virtual assistant?

Human resources are one of the most important things for any company or organization. In current trends outsourcing or freelancing is more reliable & beneficial rather than building up a room with 20 members as a team.

So, A virtual assistant also called VA, or virtual office assistant is generally self-employed freelancers and provides Designing, Logo making, graphic design, SEO and other sorts of data entry jobs, Writing & many other types of job. The market of Virtual jobs is so gigantic that there are committed virtual assistant companies for it as well.

Yes, I am talking about eploy247 that furnish virtual Assistant services to corporations in USA. They have now their registered office in California and their India registered office is in New Delhi. They provide virtual assistants situated in India. The influencer can get lots of information about the company, in their company website.

4 Benefits of hiring virtual assistants:-

Lower the cost of your Business:-

If you are going to give permanent employment to any one for your startup business then it will be more costly than your budget. So, In that case virtual assistant comes in the scenario. A virtual assistant over a full time employee will save approx. 78% in operating cost per year. So, You can hire a virtual assistance to lower the cost of your business.


You don’t have to pay extra advantages like allocate a good place for work, Give better internet bandwidth or incur incremental charges in utilities. You can also lower your business cost by hiring VA also in INDIA.

Increase your level of Productivity.

Hiring Virtual office assistance not only decreases your operating cost but also increases your productivity.

Improve Efficiency of doing more work in less time.

Hiring VA also increases your work efficiency for the reason that you get extra work carried out in less time and price. 87.7% of virtual assistants are paid on productive hour basis. This means they’ll only be paid when they’ve accomplished their milestones.

Outsource boring task & Concentrate on things that matters.

If you are running or start-up then you will face much work that will not interest you but very useful for your start-up. That time you can hire any virtual assistance for your boring work & you can concentrate on your own work. That will also increase your productivity & you can step ahead to get success.

What is Eploy247 All About?

WWW.EPLOY247.COM is an organization that connects clients with qualified candidates. What makes them precise is that their VAs is situated in India. They have a pool of 1000’s of certified candidates in a sort of fields with a type of strong point capabilities.

What I found amazing about Eploy247 is their “Digital Service” & “Administrative service section”. They are providing more than enough services which led any online business success.

They are providing digital services like – Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC/Google AdWords Campaign Management, E-commerce Website Design & Development, Video Marketing, Content Writing & Graphics & Logo Design.

Also they are providing Administrative services like – Data Entry, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Internet Research, Receptionist/Secretarial Service, Real Estate Tasks , Accounting/Bookkeeping , Email and Chat Support , Legal Virtual Assistant &

“Create Reports – PowerPoint presentations, electronic brochures, electronic newsletters, spread sheets, create an eBook with layout and formatting, and produce a company handbook.”

They also provide Technology Services like – IT Solutions , Software Engineering , Mobile App Development , Architects and Engineers , Animation and Multimedia.

Let me know you like remote hiring jobs or you are like full time 9 to 5 employee. Share the benefits with us via comment section. We are here to hear from you.

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