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Google Adsense – Verify your address.

Today we will discuss about what to do if any one not received the Google AdSense Pin.

If you are waiting for the Google AdSense verification PIN which was supposed to reach you already but not came till now?  Here there are some options if you don’t get the Pin from Google after 3rd attempts. It is one of the most searchable queries in search engine that I notice from my research. It is a problematic area for Google AdSense to send the Pin and get the AdSense account verified. Google introduced this postal pin verification to make sure the account owner has provided the correct postal address.

Google Adsense

When Google will send you a Pin to verify your address:- (Google Adsense)

Google will send you a Pin by post only after you reach $10 minimum balance. If you reached the $10 balance, Google will issue you a pin within 1 week. According to Google, it will take another 4-5 weeks to reach you.

If you Pin not reached after 4 to 5 weeks as per Google Adsense then

there must be something goes wrong. Your first troubleshooting option is, make sure you address is correct in your AdSense account. If you think you want to update your address. You can add landmarks and additional information to the address to make sure the postman/courier people can reach to your address. Make sure you have entered the phone number, postal code and landmarks along with your address.
Now, you can request to resend the pin to your updated address, This can be done using the option you can find in the “Account Settings” of your AdSense account. Google will allow you to request a new pin after 4 weeks the last date you made your last request.
You can request to send pin a maximum of 3 times.You have 6 months time to verify your address from the date of issuing the first pin. (As per Google PolicyIf you don’t get your AdSense account verified during this 6 months, Google will stop showing Ads from your account)

If you have not received your PIN after your max 3rd attempt you can verify your address using you GOVT address proof. (Google Adsense)

If you requested the pin 3 times but not received any of them, the only option is that login to your AdSense account and look at the “Account Settings” section. You will see additional option from Google asking you to verify the account using other options. The additional options include submitting GOVT address proof & identity card to Google.
Here is the PIN troubleshooter form, which can be used to submit an official identification document like passport, drivers license etc to Google to verify your address without a pin. However, if you submit it before you run out of your 3 pin requests, it may not be accepted.

Which documents are acceptable by Google for address verification? (Google Adsense)

There are not any list of documents that are acceptable as address verification. But the following documents are acceptable as address proof.
1. Drivers license 2. Passport 3. Bank statement 4. Election Id (India) 5. Unique Id (Aadhar card in India) NOTE: The document you attach for address verification should have your name and address, exactly matching the information you have provided in your AdSense account.
Also, it is a good idea to upload more than one document, just to make it easier to convince the reviewer, especially if there is a slight mismatch in address.

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