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WordPress Ping List for fast indexing in search Engines.

Today we are going to discuss very important topic which is also a doubts of many blogger & web many bloggers asked me that how to index blog article faster in major search engines like Google & yahoo. To clear all the doubts of blogger I am writing this article. Ping LIst

Wordpress PING List Fast Indexing google

We have already discussed many topics how to get rank in first page of google search engine.

There are many things you can do to index blog article in your website like submit your website’s sitemap into google, Bing, Yandex webmaster tool. But after all the method that is very interesting process is there to index your website article in search engines faster than ever. But this process only available in WordPress platform. If you are in BlogSpot or any other platform then there are some other methods also available which will be discussed later.

WordPress Ping list for fast indexing of new article in search engine:-

WordPress ping list are very valuable to lengthen your web page in to major search engines. Whenever you submit, edit or alter a post, WordPress sends ping to the entire Ping services which is listed under your ping replace provider. So this fashion, ping services get notified about new publish and search engine will speedily index them.

WordPress always doing this job for us automatically but there can be more pings are available to extend your indexing in search engines.

Add or update ping list in wordpress:-

There are simple steps you need to follow to add or update ping list in your WordPress website.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Writing under settings tab and scroll down to update services.
  3. add all the ping list.You can get the updated ping list here.
  4. Click on save changes.

All done. Now whenever you post any new articles in your website. This ping checks your article & update search engines that you have a new article. By this method your articles can indexed within less time as compare to previous.

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